AGB – Sport Stubai OG

General business terms and conditions for rental circumstances

  1. On hiring our equipment, the person renting is automatically responsible for its sole use. A third party or even further rental of the equipment is not permitted.
  2. The rental equipment is not insured for damage or theft. If stolen, a police statement will be required to assisted in financial reclamation.

PREMIUM Class € 450.- VIP Class € 250.- ECONOMY/SNOWBOARD Class € 150.-Children/Juniors 90.- Sticks € 20.-
E-bike: € 2.200.- MTB Hard-tail: € 500.- MTB Fully: € 1500.- Used tyres € 40.-

All other articles will be calculated to their present value.  The retained amount of a hired article is only possible with a police statement.

  1. It is possible to insure your hired articles with us. (for summer articles, it is not possible).  In the event of theft or damage to a hired article the insured will have no further deductions.

Insurance conditions:

  • By theft of a hired article, a Police statement from the area in question is required before an insurance refund is possible!
  • Without a Police statement from the region in question, the insurance is not valid!
  • The insurance is only valid after full payment of the insurance premium!
  • The insurance is valid from the beginning of the hire period up to a maximum of 14 days for all items rented by the insured person with the Firm Sport Stubai OG.
  • The insurance is personally identifiable and cannot be passed on to a third party!
  • The insurance jurisdiction is no longer applicable by theft from secured rooms (Ski cellars) and “Apré ski-Bars”.
  1. A police statement from the local law enforcement agency (Police) is required in the event of loss or theft of your hired articles.
  2. The cost of repair, to material damage caused by inappropriate use without a liability agreement, will be added to the total charge of the person renting.
  3. The exchange of hired goods with the same value is permissible at any time during the rental period. It is also permissible to exchange hired goods of a higher value with a surcharge for the price difference. Exchange of goods at a lower rental value is also possible without a financial reimbursement.
  4. The rental equipment must be fully paid up until it’s day of return. The latest return without surcharge is 09:30 hrs the morning after the last hired day.
  5. The hire charge is only applicable for equipment that is rented for a number of days in a row.
  6. In the event that hired equipment is not returned within 7 days of the return date, for one reason or another, a notice of theft will automatically be issued against the person renting.
  7. Financial reimbursement is only permissible for injury or illness with a local medical Doctors certificate.
  8. A regular rental agreement is required for the mounting, repair or adjustment of ski bindings. With your signature you are declaring that the provided information is correct and accept the manufacturers adjustment regulation and the rental conditions.
  9. The conclusion of a rental agreement is only permissible with the hand-over of: an identity document (Passport, European driving licence), current credit card or a financial security deposit.  The deposit of any finance or documents is not permitted as a sales exchange of hired goods.
  10. Equipment rental purchased after 16:00 hrs will be charged to the following days costs. The return of rental goods may be delayed up until 09:30 hrs after the last day of hire with no further charge.
  11. BINDING ADJUSTMENT FOR RENTAL SKIS: We advise that all hired skis have an electronically controlled binding safety test according to ISO- Norm 11088 for a price of € 7.–.  If you decide not to use the electronically controlled binding adjustment, the ski binding will be adjusted by hand according to the ISO table.  The current and correct body mass information is required for the safety adjustment of the ISO number.
  12. We accept no liability for an accident in any form, especially whereby damage caused through incorrect information in connection to the binding adjustment.
  13. In the event of wilful damage caused to hired equipment, the person renting will bear the cost of repair. If the equipment is beyond repair then the person hiring will be charged for the reinstatement of the product.  For example, bicycle hire: bicycle tyres where the profile is damaged through uncontrolled or aggressive braking, they will be replaced at the cost to the person renting.
  14. The hire costs are chosen through customer choice, as is the time period in accordance with the equipment tariff, these are all available on our homepage. Our prices all include tax, for the advertised periods of hire.
  15. Payment is to be made at the shop in the form of credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD), EC – Maestro Card or cash.
  16. Personal Data:
    Sport Stubai OG uses personally identifiable data entrusted by the customer in accordance with legal regulations.  The purpose of the personal information is purely for the completion of the transaction agreements in the hiring or purchase of equipment.  This data will remain confidential and not passed to a third party, that is not used for committed orders, deliveries or payments of goods from our shop.
  1. Legal venue at this present time is the district court Innsbruck.